Couple of days ago there were some news blowing on social media about Ukhano harassment scandal and there were some text conversation moving around the social media in which some people were calling him sexual predator.

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on Jul 20, 2019 famous personality Wakar Zaka released a YouTube video explaining that he talked to the victim Ukhano harassment scandal and she claimed that Ukhano invited her to a room in PC hotel and told her to wear inappropriate cloths and she claim that she went into the room just for modeling interview not to enjoy. You can check you out his video here.

After facing some criticism on social media Ukhano stepped forward and posted a statement regarding this situation. You can check out his video to learn more about his response to this.

In this 8 minute video he explained that he wont resist this allegation and he will fill FIR against fake claimer of harassment. He also proved that it is possible to make fake conversations but he also claimed that he did send some message to some people but they only show one side not the other.

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