Here is the list of most viewed songs of sahir ali bagga that are present currently on his own Official YouTube Channel.

Coming at no 5 is

5- Saiyan (Zan Mureed OST)

Ever since the release of this amazing song, People have been enjoying this masterpiece and currently it is standing at more then 9.5 Million views on YouTube and is really close to reach the milestone of 10 Million too.

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coming at no. 4 is

4- Ya Mumkin to Nahi

It is the 4th most viewed video available on his YouTube channel right now. This masterpiece is currently standing at more then 11 Million Views on YouTube and soon will reach 15 Million too. The main reason why this song is a master piece is because it is really heart touching and Conway a really Amazing Meaning of life and because of this fans are enjoying that and have showed a lot of support.

Here’s the link to this amazing song.

coming at no. 3 is

3- Aye Merey Khuda

This masterpiece by sahir ali bagga is actually well composed masterpiece and is also loved by his fan too. Currently this video is sitting at around 11 Million views too like the previous one.

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Now let’s continue to the 2nd one.

2- Koi Dard na Janay Mera

If you are talking about the top hit’s of Sahir ali bagga’s channel then you need to talk about this song too. Currently this song has more then 14 Million views and is about to hit 15 Mil soon too. This is also one of the saddest song of sahir ali bagga and is really very heart touching too.

Listen to this right now at.

Now it’s finally here let’s talk about the no. 1 most viewed video of Sahir ali bagga youtube channel.

1- Dard Kam Nahi Hota

This song is actually a masterpiece and personally if i give my opinion i myself really like this amazing song by sahir ali bagga. He had put a huge amount of hard work in this song and his fans have shown him proper support too. at the present time this song is sitting at more then 15 million views and will reach 16 million soon. This amazing song was such a success by sahir ali bagga and this song gave him a huge boost and this made huge impact on his career.

you can listen to this amazing masterpiece today at.

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