Last night Mohsin abbas press conference revealed some important facts. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s significant other Fatema Sohail took to online life with charges of her better half physically and sincerely manhandling her. She plot the supposed maltreatment she had endured on account of Mohsin Abbas Haider through the course of their marriage. Different big names approached in Fatema’s help and some even confirmed the way that they had either seen the supposed damaging conduct first or second-hand.

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Multi day after she posted about her supposed difficulty, Mohsin Abbas Haider held a question and answer session at the Lahore Press Club to share his side of the story and deny the charges.

Mohsin Abbas Haider composed the public interview to help get out what he claims are false charges made against him by his better half, Fatema Sohail.

Some People thought Mohsin abbas press conference was just to clear his profile but for some people it was straights facts.

In any case, obviously, it didn’t work since many individuals saw irregularities in what he was stating during the public interview.

From the strange conditions encompassing his significant other’s wounds, as clarified by Mohsin Abbas.

There were many different tweets about different people addressing this situation but most were not taking it seriously.

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