About Us

Crystal web log is a web platform that amplifies the voice of an alternate Asian country. we have a tendency to produce and handpick stories relevant to our young audience. based by Pakistanis round the globe, Crystal Blog’s goal is to publish content users like to scan, share and discuss.We’re attempting to inform a special story For young Pakistanis round the world, there’s media content virtually solely consisting of thought news, politics, and melodramatic tv shows (that our grandmothers enjoy).

There very isn’t a good content platform that enables United States of America to specific our genius to associate degree audience of like people. And so, we’re simply planning to build it. Why the name Crystal Blog? Well, we have a tendency to wished to publish content that was juicy and tasteful. . additionally, we have a tendency to wished our content to push boundaries, be restive and to question that that isn’t questioned. So…Crystal web log. Our mission is straightforward. we wish to publish sharable content that shows an alternate Asian country and provides a glimpse into our vastly various society. we have a tendency to can’t try this alone. be part of United States of America in our movement to save lots of Asian country from crappy and boring content.